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Certificate III in Makeup

  • Become a Certified Makeup Artist
  • Wanting a Career in Makeup Artistry
  • Become a Freelance Makeup Artist

    Certificate III in Makeup

    SHB30215 Certificate III in Makeup

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      Our Certificate III in Makeup is fully Government accredited, which means that the qualification you receive is recognised by the industry Australia wide.

      Course Investment

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      Having a professional certification is a huge asset when launching a career in the makeup industry. Here’s why: 

      Completing a certificate course will help you develop a strong foundation of skills and knowledge in makeup. A well- rounded makeup education will give you the ability to create a variety of looks for different events, ages and skin types, and a thorough knowledge of color theory. 

      Having a Certificate III in Makeup can help to put new clients at ease and establish their trust in your skills, especially if you don’t yet have many years of experience under your belt. 

      If your interest is in working for a top cosmetics brand, completing a certification course in makeup  can give you the skills, practice and confidence to navigate the hiring process, as well as signaling to a potential employer that you are more than just a makeup enthusiast- you are a dedicated professional. 

      This course in Makeup will cover 6 units of competency from Cert III in Makeup.

      Student Kit will include the necessary tools and colour selection for you to complete the course.

      Paraskevi School of Makeup and Beauty will allow you to complete Cert III in Make up in your our time after you have completed this creative Makeup course at an additional cost of $2850.00