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Why Paraskevi International?

  • Paraskevi International provides its students the highest level of training and education.
  • We advocate a holistic approach to education that embraces all learning styles, producing students who are engaged, self-confident & primed for success.
  • Our innovative approach to education enables us to tailor the learning to the individual. Whether you learn best through a visual approach or prefer a hands-on method, our multi-faceted teaching style will challenge & train you in the learning style you best respond to.
  • Our Educators are experienced industry professionals with a passion for sharing their knowledge.
  • Learning Practical Salon Skills from day 1
  • Smaller personalized class sizes 
  • Self-paced learning, Full Motion Video training aids & E-learning
  • Colour illustrated text books with step-by-step instructions
  • In-class, high level practical training (with theory set for homework)
  • Continuous enrolments with flexible days of attendance
  • Government funding and incentive assistance approved
  • Regular salon visits with Paraskevi International regularly in contact with over 120 salons locally
  • Training recognised in over 70 countries world wide